Summer Flu: So you’ll get rid of them faster!

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July 25, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Outside, the sun shines with a bright blue sky, the whole city meets at the lake – only you spend the days with a summer flu on the domestic sofa? What you do best in this case and how you can prevent a flu condition in the future, read here.

Typically, the summer flu begins with a slight scratching in the throat and limb pain. Despite sufficient sleep, you often feel discouraged, seemingly exhausted, you feel a throbbing throb in your temples and the nose begins to run. Not infrequently, fever, chills and a gastrointestinal upset occur.

As a rule, a summer flu is harmless, and after a few days you are ready, as long as you give your body time to rest. So stay at home despite the tempting bathtub and avoid the sun as much as possible, because UV radiation also weakens the exhausted immune system.

Do well with smoothies (for example, this power smoothie with turmeric) or a fruit salad. The many different vitamins are energy suppliers for the defense forces. Add a little bit of ginger to the vitamin C-rich apples, kiwis and Klimaanlage desinfizieren, because the root is considered a true miracle: the ingredients in the ginger relieve pain as well as nausea and the sharpness warms from the inside.

Chamomile and sage are also beneficial to health and anti-inflammatory. As teas, the herbs moisten the irritated mucous membranes, they are inhaled, and they dissolve the mucus in the respiratory tract and sinuses. In colds, salt rinses are used as nasal spray, which are disinfected by the high salt content. It is important in any case to drink enough. If symptoms persist after three days, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

35 degrees outdoors, cooled air in enclosed areas – a common cause of the summer flu are the extreme temperature fluctuations, which strain the body especially in warm or alternating summers. Fans and air-conditioning systems also dry the mucous membranes, which as a natural barrier protect against pathogens.

Try to avoid drafts and switch off the air conditioning system regularly for a short time. For outdoor stays, it is advisable to visit shady places, so the body is not exposed to unfiltered heat and is also protected against UV radiation, which weakens the immune system. Also change wet or wet sweat clothes, as it cools the body. There is always enough to drink, but do not use ice-cold drinks. These can also cool the mucous membranes, making the body more susceptible to infections.

As the viruses are transmitted by droplet infection, the risk of contamination increases in large quantities of people, such as festivals or the beer garden. However, you do not have to lock yourself at home: if you are careful not to walk too close to sick people and wash your hands with soap, the viruses have no chance.

In order to permanently strengthen the immune system and thus avoid the winter flu wave at the same time, regular movement in the fresh air helps – and the vitamin D stores, which provide a good mood, are also directly refilled.